Obsolete System Repair and Service Life Extension

With limited budgets and demands for new technology, many components in the DoD have the need to continue using systems well past their design life. This is particularly true of test and training ranges who must continue to do more mission support with limited budgets. Many fielded systems still meet mission requirements but are no longer supported by the original manufacturer who, in many cases, no longer exist. CMA helps our customers by repairing or replacing systems and components deemed unrepairable by other contractors. CMA has unique expertise in reverse engineering systems with limited to no documentation to develop a functional understanding of the system and how to diagnose and fix problems. CMA can use an existing “boneyard” of parts obtained from decommissioned units or parts obtained from other sources. CMA can also rapidly design, build, and test modern fit, form and function replacements to obsolete systems and subsystems. If necessary, our design team can match weight and balance to maintain flight certification. Some examples of repairs include:

  • Diagnosing and reprogramming EEPROMS whose usage life exceeded the EEPROM programming retention time
  • Reverse engineering, diagnosing, and repairing failed components on an aerospace power system, and establishing a test set and protocols to recertify the unit
  • Diagnosing irregularities in a telemetry system and fabricating RF components to accomplish repair
  • Designing and manufacturing new interface cards used to take data from a legacy range radar using a custom asynchronous format and convert it to ethernet packets in real time to allow the system to be integrated with a range network