The foundations for CMA were laid in 1995 when Tom Mills joined Rod Chapman as an employee at a small business called Engineering Technology, Inc. (ETI). As they worked together, they discovered shared values and compatible work styles. Their collaboration resulted in a series of project successes, and a significant increase in revenue and programs for ETI that let to the fielding and full rate production of a new classified weapon system. This success was instrumental in leading to the purchase of ETI by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS) in 2004. In 2012, Rod and Tom left GD-OTS to form CMA. Our goal was to combine the entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility, and responsiveness of ETI with the strong business systems and discipline of GD-OTS and other excellent companies. In 2014, CMA was able to acquire the assets of MicroBee Systems and bring their founder, Dave Thomas, on as a key staff member. The MicroBee Systems TSPI product line remains a key part of our business today. In looking to the future, CMA seeks to grow by building on the foundations of our experience and capabilities while living out our core values daily.

Core Values

Customer Focus – CMA builds relationships with our customers, understands their mission and values, and aligns our definition of success with their mission.

Integrity – CMA’s actions are guided by a higher calling. We strive to earn our customers, employees and partners trust through our ethics, morals, honesty and responsibility.

Fundamentals – Everything CMA does is rooted in fundamentals. The physics must work before the design can progress, all business decisions have to be data driven, every product must be designed and built with quality and reliability based on measured performance and improvement, and the customer must always be our top priority.

Safety – CMA ensures that all processes and products are designed to ensure the highest levels of safety for the users of our products, our customers, our employees and our partners.