Hardware System Research & Development

CMA offers strong capabilities and experience in research and development of hardware for DoD applications.

CMA’s hardware R&D portfolio includes mechanical, electronic and RF systems. Recent SBIR efforts include a non-lethal anthropomorphic test system, a reduced drag connector for the Hellfire Missile, and a controlled release infrared countermeasure.

CMA also has significant experience in EOD applications with the most recent work being RF techniques for adapting existing capabilities for detection of improvised explosive devices based on unique phenomenology.

In support of large primes, CMA has developed field and laboratory obscurant measurement systems, performed rocket payload packaging analysis, modified TSPI sensors to interface with emerging systems, and migrated systems from obsolete legacy software to modern standards.

Government customers and prime contractors can be confident CMA will bring world class capabilities and experience to give new hardware capabilities that are rugged, reliable and technologically advanced.